Has the wave of mindfulness subsided?

When it first made its debut in business as the ‘new thing’, mindfulness rose so rapidly, that if you weren’t running mindfulness seminars, downloading apps or spending 15 minutes a day meditating, something was wrong with you.

For the past few years, huge organisations have been training their employees and customers in mindfulness…. but can mindfulness really lead to business growth?

Does mindfulness improve productivity levels and have a knock-on effects that can boost sales?

The research seems to suggest so…

A Harvard Business Review article, “Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain,” shares evidence that practicing non-judgmental and present awareness actually changes the brain.

At the end of an eight-week mindfulness program, cerebral areas governing perception, emotion regulation, introspection, complex thinking and sense of self were all affected positively – qualities that impact success in business and life.

In fact, results from programmes run at Google and Intel show a staggering 83% of employees actively try to improve productivity after the programme, versus only 23% before.

So, you are interested, but your employer isn’t doing training… don’t worry, there’s an app for that.

Headspace was developed to take mindfulness with you, and consume your daily dose in 10 minutes on a variety of topics.  The creator of the app feels it is especially relevant for startups and entrepreneurs to ensure they don’t burnout. It now has literally millions of users across 190 countries… it must be doing something right!

Are you willing to invest in change?

Knowing your business, your product and your customer is crucial to continued growth and success. But the internal culture of your company also plays a major role in team dynamics and ultimately impacts your bottom line.

Your brand is a sum total of everything you do. It isn’t just the logo and the website. Mindfulness may be a way to align your team, reduce stress levels, increase productivity and drive business growth, and even become an underpinning value that you build your company ethos on.

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