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The only constant is change

Change is scary. It conjures up fear in the hearts of business owners. The ‘what if’ questions begin to swirl, mixed with the practicalities of how it will impact the business. There are different types of change. The kind we are afraid to initiate, and the kind that...

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You are not an influencer.

What if you woke up one day and Instagram no longer existed? Would your brand survive? Would your ‘influencer’ status remain intact? Chances are, people would forget you almost immediately. Social media is an extremely powerful platform for brand exposure. A way to...

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Nobody cares what you do

…they care why you do it. 99% of the time what you do as a business isn’t that unique. But knowing why you do what you do is when the real differentiators are exposed. Everyone talks about features and benefits. And of course, these are important, but at the end of...

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Playing with FYRE

FYRE Festival, as an idea was something game-changing. At a conceptual level, it was the perfect event - models, music, white sand beaches, luxury living, fine dining, the works. However, what Billy McFarland (epically) failed to do, was actually deliver. And in doing...

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3 lessons from a shredded Banksy

The big news in the art world this week was the stunt that Banksy pulled at a Sotheby’s auction. At the moment ‘Girl with Balloon’ sold for £1.4m, it immediately started to self-destruct via a shredder concealed in the frame. Speculate as much as you want as to who...

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The customer is always wrong

Wait… don’t you mean that the customer is always right? As the old saying goes, we are all to believe that no matter what, we should be bending over backwards for the customer. They are always right, whatever they say goes… well that isn’t always the case. While I do...

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