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The Death of Influencer Marketing

What do you do when your marketing strategy relies on celebrities or influencers to promote your product? With the increasing irrelevance of celebrities since COVID-19, and especially since the lockdown, will brands that use influencers be able to survive? There has...

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8 tips for your business surviving COVID-19

Whether we’re ready to accept it or not, the impact of Coronavirus on businesses is, and will continue to be massive. The UK Government have put in place billions of Pounds in support for businesses and individuals across the country. While it is easy to lose focus...

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Playing it Safe

Durex got into bed with design agency Havas and refreshed their brand. While the previous Durex logo was past it’s use-by date in-terms of design (see glass-like-orb logo designs from 10 years ago) the new logo is perhaps playing it safe. Taking the logo from a glossy...

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The only constant is change

Change is scary. It conjures up fear in the hearts of business owners. The ‘what if’ questions begin to swirl, mixed with the practicalities of how it will impact the business. There are different types of change. The kind we are afraid to initiate, and the kind that...

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You are not an influencer.

What if you woke up one day and Instagram no longer existed? Would your brand survive? Would your ‘influencer’ status remain intact? Chances are, people would forget you almost immediately. Social media is an extremely powerful platform for brand exposure. A way to...

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