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Playing with FYRE

FYRE Festival, as an idea was something game-changing. At a conceptual level, it was the perfect event - models, music, white sand beaches, luxury living, fine dining, the works. However, what Billy McFarland (epically) failed to do, was actually deliver. And in doing...

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3 lessons from a shredded Banksy

The big news in the art world this week was the stunt that Banksy pulled at a Sotheby’s auction. At the moment ‘Girl with Balloon’ sold for £1.4m, it immediately started to self-destruct via a shredder concealed in the frame. Speculate as much as you want as to who...

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The customer is always wrong

Wait… don’t you mean that the customer is always right? As the old saying goes, we are all to believe that no matter what, we should be bending over backwards for the customer. They are always right, whatever they say goes… well that isn’t always the case. While I do...

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The value of values

Integrity. Respect. Responsibility. Growth. Blah, blah, blah, blah…. We’ve all heard it a hundred times, the same regurgitation of buzzwords that are meant to be true ‘values’ of a business. But how can a value (which is meant to be unique to your own business) be the...

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Keep burning your Nikes

If you haven’t seen the latest campaign that Nike has launched, you will have almost definitely seen one of the hundreds of memes that have spun-off since. But while memes are nothing new when it comes to mocking big corporate campaigns… the interesting impact that...

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