Recent Work

Imperium Aesthetics

Giving aesthetics a fresh look

Imperium Aesthetics is the latest venture of Weston Pharmacy. Needing an entire brand identity and website to help launch this service, Freshly Brewed worked with the team to deliver a powerful image, website, marketing assets and signage. (Launching soon)

Cleeve Executive

Professionalising Executive Recruitment

Cleeve Executive Recruitment are a relatively new firm, back by a senior team of executive recruiters. Their DIY website needed a refresh, as well as their overall brand image. Freshly Brewed worked with Cleeve to ensure a professional image was created. 


Bringing a RegTech brand to life

SteelEye approached Freshly Brewed to be their go-to design firm helping them create and establish a consistent brand identity, build a new website and product ongoing marketing assets that a scaling business needs.


Rebranding enterprise cloud storage

Established for over 10 years, 4sl approached Freshly Brewed for a rebrand and new website. Additionally, a Google Ads campaign was set up, a range of internal templates were designed, and team head shots taken. 

Arete Ventures

Creating a new look for leadership development

Areté Ventures are taking the corporate leadership development arena by storm and needed an initial website to help communicate the range of ways they help develop talent. Since the site launch they have also engaged Freshly Brewed to design the UI/UX of their client portal, as well as design their corporate literature.


Branding a dance revolution

Brasinga started up to take on the likes of Zumba. Combining street style dance and aerobics from Brazil, the brand is high energy. Freshly Brewed translated that into an identity and website, while also video editing, photo editing and designing clothing concepts.


Making InsurTech simple

Inforcehub have a simple solution to a complicated problem. They needed help articulating their message and proposition to easily communicate with their audience. Freshly Brewed ran workshops to unlock this, did all the copy writing and designed and built their website.

ndu Clinic

Breathing life into holistic dentistry

ndu Clinic (formerly the Ella Clinic) needed to establish itself on Harley Street as a holistic practice. Creating a brand proposition, messaging, brand identity, website and all marketing assets, Freshly Brewed were able to help ndu launch.

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